NHBC Foundation – A Simple Guide to Sustainable Drainage Systems for Housing

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The NHBC Foundation exists to promote good practice within the house-building industry.

This pragmatic guide aims to provide general guidance on the concept and use of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) to aid the management of surface water in housing developments. It is to inform designers, developers and other stakeholders such as local authorities and property owners about the incorporation and use of SUDS in housing schemes. This guide is not intended to be a design guide to SUDS but to inform those involved in small developments and in-fill projects of the concept of SUDS, and to give insight into the options available at the site control level.

It is aimed at introducing the concept of SUDS and increasing the awareness of government policies and regulation in this area. Technical guidance is included for the differing options, their selection parameters, construction requirements and maintenance issues. The guide also covers relevant social and environmental issues, together with the health and safety considerations for incorporating these systems in housing developments.

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