Real Life Solutions to SUDS

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Answer from: , Market Development Director, Hydro International.

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Written by: Mr Alex Stephenson

A novel integrated system providing ‘hard’ or engineered solutions to SUDS, Source Control and Rainwater re-use is described. The system is made up of several facets; a stormwater storage element (Stormcell®), a storm water infiltration element (Stormbloc®), a flow control/attenuation element (Hydro-Brake® Flow Control), primary stormwater treatment elements (Downstream Defender® Separator & First Defense® Separator), secondary storm water treatment elements (Upflow Filter™), and a packaged rainwater harvesting element (Freewater UK’s Rainman). The system components are briefly described highlighting their benefits compared with other alternative, followed by case studies describing projects where some or all of the stages have been used as the key components in providing the storage, control and treatment elements of SUDS schemes.



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