‘How to Prevent Flooding’, Landscape Institute: Let’s Get Nibbling!

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We all know there are flooding problems which affect many people, but few realise the scale of the problem, why it’s getting worse, and that they too have the potential to help solve it, both in their personal and professional capacity.

This film seeks to explain the issues in a light-hearted way, and show how everyone can contribute by ‘nibbling’ at the problem all the time, everywhere. Whilst controlling surface water from new development is important, the scale of the problem means we must retrofit our towns and cities, and nibbling allows us to tackle the issue incrementally, over time.

The Let’s Get Nibbling video hosted on ENW by kind permission of Illman Young Landscape Design



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louise webb says:

I relaly like this video and have been thinking of developing something similar for farmers, I wonder if you had any plans for something focusing on rural land management and whether we could collaborate?

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