Doing the first loop of planning for sustainable urban drainage system retrofits: A case study from Odense, Denmark

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Urban Water Journal, Volume 7, Issue 6, 2010


The planning and implementation of sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) requires intensive collaboration between professions and institutions. To improve the conditions for such practice in Denmark, the first loop of a SUDS-based retrofitting project was completed in Odense over a 6-month period. The project involved officials from the City of Odense and Odense Water Ltd., as well as university researchers. Studies of hydrological, environmental and socio-cultural aspects were developed by disciplinary teams and used to draft integrated solutions for two selected city districts. Albeit sewer surcharge was the initial catalyst, the main driver for the drafted solutions was urban planning. An assessment of the impact 1.5 years after completion indicated that the employed approach is valuable. In Odense, a planning procedure reflecting the loop process has become new practice. The project represents a key reference for the introduction of SUDS in Denmark.

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