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Vortex Flow Control

Harnessing natural kinetic energy to control the flow of water is at the heart of the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control principle – and it’s the same from the smallest to the largest.

Whether holding back storm flow to protect a SUDS feature or throttling back flood waters through a river dam, the Hydro-Brake® Flow Control uses the natural power of the vortex to deliver an energy-  and maintenance- free solution.

It’s self-activating principle ensures class-leading hydraulic performance that can facilitate SUDS-compliant surface water attenuation or storage projects.  Hydro-Brake® technology provides flow control for balancing ponds and other stormwater storage features, enabling SUDS solutions that mimic natural hydrology.

Exactly the same technology is being used as a solution for river flood prevention schemes, holding back water at a controlled rate to create flood storage areas that can become valuable wetland environments.  Meanwhile vulnerable urban areas are protected from flash flooding downstream.

Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls have clear openings which are 600% larger than conventional flow control alternatives such as penstocks or valves, minimising blockages.   The head and discharge characteristics inherent in the patented design also offer high flush and kick-back flow points, so storage volume requirements and therefore costs are reduced.


  • No moving parts or power requirements
  • Simple installation
  • Self-activating and self-cleansing; minimum supervision, easy and full interior access
  • Reduces upstream storage volumes
  • Highest performance passive flow control available, widest range of volumes to suit schemes

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