One Small Step…

Written By: Regional Technical Manager, Hydro International UK Stormwater Divison

NEW sustainable drainage system (SuDS) questions are to be added to the standard conveyancing searches undertaken by solicitors in England & Wales on behalf of their clients.

From 4 July 2016, the Con29 enquiry form which relates to water and drainage issues of a property search will ask whether the property is served by a SuDS system or if there are SuDS features within the property boundary. It will also seek to clarify who is responsible for maintenance of any SuDS features on a property, if there is a charge to be paid for the SuDS and, if so, to whom it should be paid.

This may be just one small step for SuDS, but it is an important leap forward in terms of increasing public awareness of SuDS and making it a more everyday consideration for homeowners.

The new questions should also be an important safeguard to ensuring that the SuDS components are properly recorded and adopted, and that a maintenance schedule is in place. That can only be good news for underpinning best practice in future SuDS delivery.

For more details visit the Con29DW website or the Law Society website.


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