New British Standard BS8582 May Help Point the Way Forward

Written By: Market Development Director, Hydro International.

As the SuDS community polishes up its new year resolutions, it seems we may still have to wait a little while longer for definitive National Standards for England and Wales at least.

In the meantime, a new British Standard, BS8582, has been published giving best practice recommendations on the planning, design, construction and maintenance of surface water management systems for new developments and redevelopment sites.

Although purely a code of practice, the new standard has been written in the spirit of harmonising and updating the “disparate, often cumbersome, and at times contradictory” guidance available to designers and developers of SuDS systems, according to British Standards Institution (BSI) website.  The standards also usefully cover England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, so may help to offer some consistency of approach especially to professionals working across those borders.

BS8582 is offered for use by local authorities, developers, internal drainage boards, water companies and industry practitioners such as consultants and architects.  It acknowledges the growing need for local authorities to scope and review technical submissions relating to surface water flood risk management as part of the planning process.  The standard is also designed to address the need for consistent, clear industry guidance that developers can refer to when preparing a planning application, and designing a safe and sustainable surface water management system.

So, whilst being another guidance document, rather than compulsory, the standard can be said to reflect the latest thinking on SuDS design and maintenance and may point the way towards what we can expect from the new National Standards for England and Wales.

In particular, BS8582 includes important guidance on best practice in surface water treatment, and the inclusion guidance on the use of proprietary devices for silt and sediment removal to protect infiltration and storage systems is particularly welcome.  We hope to be able to provide further insights into the standard in later in the year.

The new standard is designed to be complementary for BS8533 Assessing and Managing Flood Risk in Development and BS EN 752 Drains and Sewers Outside Buildings.

You can get further details by visiting the BSI website .


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