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Written By: Market Development Director, Hydro International.

SURFACE water treatment can no longer be the ‘poorer’ relation of the SuDS triangle of quality, quantity and amenity.  True, there are those who believe it would be easier if we could just get on with tackling surface water flooding with SuDS, at least in the short term.

But the fact is improving water quality by removing silts, sediments and pollutants from runoff is coming to the top of the environmental agenda through developing legislation across the UK, driven by water quality targets of the EU Water Framework Directive.

Whether you are an engineer, a developer, contractor or are responsible for Environment Agency or local authority guidance and approvals, it’s going to be vital to fully understand the full range of surface water treatment options available.

Delivering an effective SuDS solution to meet site requirements will often require multiple stages of techniques used in sequence to achieve a so-called ‘treatment train’.  This approach is already established as the preferred method in Scotland and the proposed National Standards for England and Wales are expected to follow a similar pattern.

Choosing from the whole SuDS toolbox of techniques using natural and proprietary features can often be the best way to deliver the optimum outcome for pollutant removal, depending on the site conditions.  Manufactured devices can be used to enable, enhance or protect natural features, or can be used by themselves to meet water quality objectives.

In anticipation of the growing need for surface water treatment solutions Hydro International is launching the Hydro StormTrainTM Series of surface water treatment devices, providing a comprehensive toolbox of proprietary solutions.

We have also developed some important new industry resources to help in the selection and combination of surface water treatment techniques.  Our unique new Online Treatment Selection Tool helps users explore ‘what if’ treatment train scenarios from the full range of natural and proprietary SuDS features.

An informative new E-Guide to Surface Water Treatment is also free to download from Hydro’s newly created surface water treatment hub.

Visit www.hydro-int.com/stormtrain





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