Let’s Get Nibbling!

Written By: Managing Director, Illman Young

The new SuDS Retrofitting guidance by CIRIA was launched this last Monday (23 April), after a very long gestation period, and I was really pleased to finally have it available, and to have been part of one of the launch events.

A few things sprang to mind as a consequence of the session, with the most important perhaps being the concept of ‘nibbling’.  We all need to be crystal clear that retro-fitting is fundamentally important, and that despite everything we can possibly do with regards installing SuDS to every single new development, unless we retro-fit, flooding will continue to get worse.  Significantly.

Enter the concept of nibbling.

Whilst we can have catchment based plans that consider water management in the longer term and at the strategic level, we also need to just get down and get dirty with implementing small scale local schemes.

Whilst each scheme will not make a fundamental difference to anything, each will contribute towards improving the current situation.  Eventually, all these initiatives will link up to form a critical mass that WILL be important collectively and strategically.

So lets get nibbling!

SuDs and Floods News:  CIRIA Launches SuDS Retrofit Guidance





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As one of the report’s authors I would like to make clear that, whilst we like the use of the word ‘nibbling’ – we did not use it in the report, but used ‘opportunistic’ retrofitting instead. Nibbling was suggested by Richard Kellagher of HRW (the fount of much, if not all knowledge!) at a project steering group meeting…. but do hope it will catch on as a term. Of course, nibbling is big in the major cities in USA lie Portland, but could not possibly deal with the challenges we have in the UK (we want it cleaned now! (EA)).

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