Do engineers and landscape architects inhabit the same planet?

Written By: Managing Director, Illman Young

I’m a Landscape Architect who has specialised in SUDS design for the last 5 years or so. We’ve come a long way in that time from the publishing of PPS25, Future Water and the Pitt Report through to the Flood and Water Management Act, which one day soon (or more likely October 2012) will be fully launched and effective.

But have we progressed our thinking with regard to the potential for SUDS to make exciting, creative, external spaces which can improve the quality of life both for us, and the environment?

Is the Act going to fulfil its potential when the details of its implementation and phasing are clear, or will it be dumbed down to reflect the pressures of some sections of the water and manufacturing industry and developers?

Will this step towards greater sustainability be compromised by a fear of the potential impact of further costs/regulations on economic recovery?

Whilst the outcome isn’t yet clear, how we respond individually on any site, in any given situation is our own personal choice, and hopefully well informed by knowledge of what can be achieved, best practice, and comparative costs. So why is the outcome at present so often mundane?

I’d like to explore attitudes towards good practice, collaborative working, and how we can push the boundaries to achieve attractive, appropriate, cost-effective solutions through well thought out integrated design.

Photo courtesy of Illman Young Landscape Design


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