Can we learn from doing SuDS the Scottish Way?

Written By: European Sales Director, Hydro International

Has legislation put Scotland ahead of the game with SuDS in comparison to the rest of the UK?   If so, there should be some useful lessons to be learned by professionals on both side of the border.

To find out, Engineering Nature’s Way, in association with CIWEM, is setting out to survey professionals in Scotland involved in the design, build or development of sustainable drainage systems.  We want to understand the critical factors that have delivered successful projects and consider what more needs to be achieved.   What are the opportunities for, and barriers to, further take up of SuDS in Scotland?

If you work with SuDS in Scotland we would be delighted if you would take part in the survey here.  SUDS in Scotland – Experience and Opportunity

SuDS have been compulsory for all developments in Scotland (except single dwellings) since 2003 through the Water Environment and Water Services (Scotland) Act (WEWS).

As part of our research we want to investigate more about water quality and the design of treatment trains.  The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) has been the driving force behind the regulatory framework in Scotland, so surface water treatment is an important part of the picture – and arguably – where our Scottish colleagues have significant experience.

Scotland is currently undergoing some key developments in the planning and implementation of measures to improve the water environment.   Scotland’s first Programme of Measures as part of the WFD River Basin Management Plan (RBMP) cycle earned praise from the EC and is on course to deliver improvements by 2015.  However a large number of exemptions were also applied in the first planning round and the EC recommended that these were addressed in the second 2016-2021 cycle.  This planning process is due to start and SEPA is due to publish a report and begin a consultation “Current Condition and Challenges for the Future” at the end of this year.

SUDS in Scotland – Experience and Opportunity sets out to gather views on the progress of SUDS implementation and identify opportunities for the future.  It also seeks views on the success of statutory measures in delivering SUDS and what needs to be done to provide tools for professionals to deliver effective surface water treatment trains in future.

We’ll announce the results at the RoadExpo Show in Edinburgh on 6-7 November, when a specially-held Round Table debate amongst leading industry representatives will be held to discuss the results.  A full report and analysis of the survey will be available to download from the Engineering Nature’s Way website.  You’ll also be able to access a report of the round table online.

We want to encourage as many people as possible to take part.  The survey does not take long.  There are just 20 questions with the option to add further comments if you wish.  The identity of all respondents will remain confidential.

We look forward to sharing the results with you in due course.  To register in advance for a copy of the survey report email


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