PAS Feedback Invited

Written By: Vice President, Business Development EMEA, Micro Drainage

A consultation on a PAS for the specification of underground utility detection, verification and location is currently open and comments are invited.

Cardno, on behalf of BSI would like to invite you and/or your organization to comment on the following draft.  The closing date for consultation is Friday 26 July 2013.

PAS 128, Specification for underground utility detection, verification and location

PAS 128 applies to the detection, verification and location of active, abandoned, redundant or unknown underground utilities and associated surface features that facilitate the location and identification of underground utility infrastructure. It sets out the accuracy to which the data are captured for specific purposes, the quality expected of that data and a means by which to assess and indicate the confidence that can be placed in those data.

A PAS (Publicly Available Specification) is a sponsored, fast-track informal standard that is developed through a consensus-building process facilitated by BSI Standards Limited. A PAS should not be regarded as a BS, EN or ISO standard.

The development of PAS 128 has been sponsored by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

To download, review and comment on the draft, please go to and register for free online (new users) and/or log in.

Please note that only comments submitted electronically through the online Draft Review System by the date given will be accepted.

Where possible, comments should be submitted by one person from your organization to ensure that no conflicting comments are submitted by members of the same organization and to avoid repetition.

We thank you in advance for your time and help with this project. Your input is highly valued





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