Engineering Nature’s Way – an exciting new initiative

Written By: Market Development Director, Hydro International.

There has arguably never been a more interesting time to be involved in surface water drainage in the UK.    That’s why we believe Engineering Nature’s Way is a timely and challenging initiative –  to promote the best practice principle of managing the flow of water in the most natural way from source to sea.

It’s a philosophy that celebrates a broad range of sustainable drainage solutions.  It recognises the value of engineered or ‘mixed’ approaches as enabling technologies which allow fully sustainable solutions to drainage in developments and highways.

Engineering Nature’s Way embodies a philosophy that favours management of surface water ‘at source’ through infiltration or attenuation solutions and through a catchment philosophy.

The principles of Sustainable Drainage are tried and tested principles and Hydro have played their part in campaigning for a greater take-up of SUDS for probably the best part of 30 years.  (Just take a look at our video from Tomorrow’s World in 1983!) Yet SUDS is still top of the drainage agenda today, and the principles of Engineering Nature’s Way are still relevant and future-looking.

Hydro is proud to be co-ordinating this initiative and we hope that it will take on a life of its own as a really valuable focus for local authorities, civil engineers,  and consultants to share their views and experience.



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MartinLindsay says:

Good luck with this great initiative!

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