Tonbridge Flood Plain Compensation

In developing 25 homes at Cannon Lane and Brook Lane in Tonbridge, Kent, Hillreed Homes had to implement specialist measures for building on a flood plain.

A total of 549 m3 of Stormcell® stormwater storage and control was located in two sites under the back gardens of new houses.  The primary purpose of the Stormcell® is to compensate for high water levels on Mill Stream, replacing the volume of storage that was provided by the flood plain prior to development.

The excess water is stored in the Stormcell® and released once the levels drop.  In addition the Stormcell® system offers stormwater storage for the runoff from the houses and paved areas, for controlled discharge into the watercourse.

Stormcell®’s unique features – its high load-bearing honeycomb structure and patented silt protection design – have led to its adoption by many UK Water Companies and Local Authorities, with over 1000 housing and commercial installations in the UK and Ireland, and more than 2000 Europe-wide.

Stormcell®’s loading capacity of 40 tonnes/m2 allows it to be used under trafficked areas, including HGV’s without additional structural support or long term loading creep.  It is thus highly suitable for installation in ‘dead’ space such as under access roads and car parks, and is compatible with porous pavement drainage and rainwater recycling schemes.


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