Source Control and Distributed Storage – A Cost Effective Approach to Urban Drainage for the New Millennium?

Paper by R. Y. G. Andoh (Hydro International plc) and C. Declerck (La Missonnais) presented at the 8th International Conference on Urban Storm Drainage, Sydney, Australia (30 August – 3 September 1999)

The paper describes the results of a study investigating the cost and operational benefits of source control and distributed storage. Hypothetical catchments based on the aggregation of (20Ha) sub-modules derived from analysis of combined sewer networks in the UK were used as the basis for assessment. Source Control, distributed storage and conventional techniques of sewerage rehabilitation were assessed in a staged approach regarding levels of service provision.

The study also reviewed impacts resulting from a general increase in catchment impermeability from 30 to 40% for flat and steeply sloping catchments.

Download the full white paper (PDF)


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