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Fluidised Bed Upflow Filtration

Specific man-made industrial, commercial, transportation and other locations may carry high pollutant loadings which make it difficult for quality control by natural or engineered stormwater SUDS schemes alone.

The unique Hydro Up-Flo™ Filter provides fluidised bed upflow filtration, to remove litter, sediments, nutrients, metals and hydrocarbons for stormwater runoff treatment, in a small footprint package. Its high treatment and filtration performance, longer filter media life and longer maintenance cycle ensure its superior performance to other filtration solutions.

Up-Flo™ Filter’s footprint is 80% smaller than comparable solutions, yet its advanced design offers high flow rates and more efficient pollutant removal.


  • Meets wide variety of manhole, vault and retrofit requirements
  • Smaller footprint required due to higher flow capacity
  • Improved unit protection with 4mm pre-screening
  • Specific pollutant matching through wide choice of media options
  • Longer media life through patented drain down preventing media degradation
  • Easy installation and maintenance

Learn more about Hydro’s Up-FloTM Filter and view animations.