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Swales are shallow, linear channels with gently sloping slides and a wide flat bottom, that provide a means of collecting and conveying surface water as part of a SUDS treatment train.

They are usually planted with grasses, reeds or other suitable vegetation to slow down the flow of water and help to trap particulate pollutants.

Depending on the design requirements, dry swales can be enhanced by the introduction of filter media into the base, and an underground drainage system to provide improved infiltration and treatment of pollutants.    Swales can be combined with proprietary systems e.g. Hydro Stormbloc® to provide additional storage and infiltration potential.

Water quality treatment objectives can also be achieved through construction of wet swales to replicate wetland conditions and encourage the settlement of particulates from the surface water.

Swales can be used as a form of pre-treatment as part of a series of SUDS solutions to capture silts and sediment from surface water before it drains into a SUDS pond or basin.    Swales are often used at roadsides, or as part of a SUDs treatment train for highways.