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Cellular Block Storage System

The priority aim of any Sustainable Drainage scheme should be to manage excess stormwater ‘at-source’ in order to get as close as possible to pre-development hydrology.

In designing a SUDS scheme to meet current and future regulatory requirements, many practical considerations come into play such as the ground conditions, available space, cost and future maintenance.

Underground storage systems can provide effective stormwater retention beneath roads, car parks and amenity areas, where the urban environment precludes more natural alternatives.  They can also be combined with swales, ponds or watercourses to enable or supplement at-source natural SUDS features, achieving high-performance, cost-efficient solutions.

The Hydro Stormcell® Storage System is a low-cost, high-capacity system allowing self-regulating stormwater storage and release and providing a sustainable solution which stores water at-source, rather than leaving it to be piped downstream.

Its cellular block design facilitates inspection access, and the pipework system prevents entry of silts and grit into the storage volume, and is virtually maintenance free. The modular blocks enable configuration to meet shallow, deep or irregular site requirements.


  • Modular, flexible and lightweight
  • High structural loadbearing integrity for installation under roads, car parks, amenity and landscaped areas
  • Easy, quick installation, minimum civils
  • Silt prevention system

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