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Modular Storage and Soakaway System

Infiltration is a priority process for Sustainable Drainage Systems to ensure control of water as close as possible to the point of falling and mimic natural processes.

Often naturally-occurring or ‘soft’ SUDS features alone are insufficient to address the site-specific conditions of a development or demand premium development space. In such cases, using an engineered system such as Hydro’s Stormbloc® enables SUDS standards to be achieved.

Stormbloc® successfully provides high-capacity retention of surface water runoff which can supplement swales and ponds, contribute to a combined SUDS stormwater system or operate alone as required to meet requirements to limit off-site discharges.

BBA approved, Stormbloc® facilitates natural surface water infiltration with an underground storage and soakaway system. It is the only cellular crate system with a patented inspection and maintenance tunnel built into each block.

The modular design is easy to install for residential, public, commercial or industrial surface water control, and Stormbloc® is strong enough to withstand traffic loads under roads and vehicle parks, or amenity and landscaped areas.


Full inspection and maintenance accessibility through the patented 222mm X 570mm tunnel within the blocks

Optimum storage volume from high void ratio

Light weight, quick and easy to install

High strength allows deployment under trafficked areas, road and HGV parks

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Photo courtesy of Cole Easdon