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A SUDS pond is a man-made pool that enables storage of stormwater in a natural environment with aquatic vegetation planted along its banks that encourages wildlife.

Ponds provide stormwater attenuation and flood alleviation whilst providing a landscaped amenity in housing or commercial developments.

Ponds provide both stormwater storage and water quality treatment, mostly through settlement of suspended solids as well as treatment of pollutants through biological processes. The outflow of the pond usually delivers water into a receiving watercourse.

Ponds are designed as part of a SUDS treatment train. To enable ponds to operate effectively with the correct flow rates and water levels, may require integrated design of Hydro-Brake® Flow Control Devices into the connecting pipework systems to regulate flow rates.

Space restrictions may deter developers from considering designing ponds into developments. But even if ponds offer limited storage capacity, it may still be possible to take advantage of the amenity values of a ‘natural’ feature by enhancing stormwater storage through installation of underground geocellular systems such as Hydro’s Stormcell® or Stormbloc® to manage the required storage volumes.

To operate efficiently, a SUDS pond will probably require pre-treatment elements as part of the tratment train to protect from high levels of silt, sediment or pollutants entering the pond. Designers may engineer a sediment forebay upstream of the pond. Alternatively, installing a hydrodynamic vortex separator such as Hydro Downstream Defender® can provide effective removal of pollutants and sediments in a more compact space offering a single point of access for ease of maintenance.

Photo courtesy of Cole Easdon.