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Biofiltration System

Photo of a Hydro BioCell

Often the most sustainable and practical drainage techniques are those which engineer in nature’s way – combining the best of natural processes with simple and elegant technological solutions.

One such innovation is the Hydro Biofilter™ system which is bringing the sustainable principles of biofiltration to the UK’s streets and car parks in a compact, reliable and predictable technology.  It’s a SuDS-compliant drainage unit, ideal for both retrofitting and new developments, which harnesses natural processes to control both the quality and quantity of stormwater runoff.

Achieving a SuDS-compliant solution often requires a treatment train approach to incorporate a range of drainage elements, each providing a level of treatment and targeting specific pollutants.   The beauty of an engineered biofiltration solution is that it operates through an array of physical, chemical and biological mechanisms simultaneously to provide a mini-treatment train in a single device.

Stricter legislative requirements for stormwater treatment are on their way through the European Water Framework Directive, the Water Environment and Water Services Act in Scotland and Flood and Water Management Act in England and Wales.

Meanwhile current Department of Transport design guidance for highways authorities is encouraging a more integrated approach to improving urban street scenes with greater emphasis on landscaping and amenity.


  • Excellent urban landscape aesthetics
  • High stormwater pollutant removal effectiveness
  • Small footprint ensures easy site incorporation in city, suburb, industrial and other locations
  • New or retrofit
  • Easy installation into existing storm drain network

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