Welsh Government Consults on Interim SuDS Standards

The Welsh Government is seeking views on proposed interim standards for sustainable drainage (SuDS) in Wales for designing, constructing, operating and maintaining surface water drainage systems.

The Flood and Water Management Act 2010 (Schedule 3) which has not been commenced, required new developments to include SuDS features that comply with national standards. The Welsh Government proposes to publish interim national standards on an advisory basis until such time as it determines the most effective way of embedding SuDS principles in new developments in the longer term.

This will enable designers, property developers, local authorities and other interested parties to both demonstrate that they have taken account of the Welsh Government’s planning advice on Development and Flood Risk and to pilot the standards, so that if necessary they can be revised before being placed on a statutory footing.

The consultation closes on 30 April.

Take part in the consultation.

Read the Interim Standards


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