Water Sector Invites Views for 21st Century Drainage Programme

Photograph of a drain cover

Water UK, the organisation which represents the UK Water Companies, is seeking stakeholder views as the latest step in its 21st Century Drainage Programme.

A new and wide-ranging report invites a consultative response as part of the initiative which is looking at the future for resilient drainage systems in the UK and aiming to stimulate a wider industry dialogue.

The 21st Century Drainage Programme is a coalition of more than 40 organisations including Water Companies, Government, local authorities and environmental charities.  In particular, the programme is inviting responses on two key questions:

“Question: Despite the Flood and Water Management Act, the sector has been criticised for still working in silos.  How do we increase the pace of collaborative action across communities, stakeholders and those investing in infrastructure?”

 “Question: How can we work together to make sure we can all understand the value of protecting our drainage systems?”

 Responses are invited by email at comms@water.org.uk or on Twitter with the hashtag #21CDrainage.

 The report also acknowledges Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) as “vital to the water industry’s long-term strategy to manage the impact of development and increasing amounts of rainfall entering the sewers and drains.”

The programme board is overseeing seven workstreams as part of the 21st Century Drainage Programme, aiming to shape the nation’s future drainage strategy through collecting an evidence base and industry views.  The workstreams are:

  1. Communications and Engagement
  2. Defining and Managing Drainage Capacity
  3. Addressing overflows (CSOs) that operate frequently
  4. Sewer misuse
  5. Groundwater inundation of drainage systems
  6. Enablers to progress
  7. Drainage infrastructure deterioration

For more information, download a copy of the report.


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