Free Webinar: Water Quality Design in Accordance with C753 The SuDS Manual

Date of event: Wednesday, 23rd March 2016. 1pm - 2pm

In this, the third in the series of free webinars, we will look at the key principles and approaches to water quality design. 

We will discuss the new calculation methods and where/how they can be applied and will look at how proprietary treatment devices, such as our StormTrain® Series can aid with the delivery of water quality designs.


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Water Quality Design in Accordance with the SuDS Manual (C753)

Wednesday, 23rd March 2016

1pm – 2pm

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Final Webinar in the Series

Maintaining Effective SuDS

Thursday, 28th April 2016


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Released on 12th November 2015, the new SuDS Manual is the UK’s most comprehensive guidance document to support the uptake and delivery of sustainable surface water management – to help manage floods, protect the water environment and create better places and spaces in which to work and live.



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