UK Body Calls for Joined-up Research into Floods and Droughts

The research arm of leading water UK water organisation has called for more joined-up approach between industry, Government and funding bodies to achieve more whole-system thinking to tackle water challenges.

Looking for new ways to ensure security of water supply and resilience from floods and drought is essential according to the report by UK Water Partnership’s Research and Innovation Group

Droughts and Floods: Towards a More Holistic Approach’ suggests by looking at the role of water in ecosystems it will be possible to build up a more complete picture of how to protect and preserve the water environment. Tackling existing fragmentation across the UK water sector, would give research and development more ‘real world’ impact as well as boosting the UK’s share of international water technology and services business.

“Achieving this will require a genuinely ‘joined up’ approach rooted in greater integration across scientific disciplines and whole-system thinking across the water cycle,” says the report.

The report provides a valuable review of current, recent and planned research activity.

UKWP, established under the guidance of the Government’s Chief Scientific Officer, brings together public and private bodies to promote innovation and growth in UK water sector.

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