SuD it, let’s do it! Making SuDS happen

Date of event: 4 June 2013; 2pm-4.45pm


Since the passing of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010 into law and the renewed focus on the role of Sustainable Drainage Systems a number of local authorities have begun to champion their use to manage flood risk, diffuse pollution and enhance biodiversity.

Some local authorities have been exploring what can be done with partners to facilitate the delivery of SuDS in new developments and retrofitting. Approaches and attitudes to delivery of SuDS differ, with some lead local flood authorities awaiting further clarification on Schedule 3 of the FWM Act and others already voluntarily adopting SuDS, producing guidance and are enthusiastically promoting their use.

Some local authorities are also imaginatively looking at our existing built urban areas and working with communities to see what can be done to deliver highway improvements, green infrastructure and retrofit SuDS – providing more “bang for buck” in resource challenged times.

Who should attend?

This free seminar provides opportunities for those involved in SuDS delivery to share good practice with a particular focus on the work enthusiastically undertaken by local authorities in lieu of any National Standards for Sustainable Drainage. In particular delegates will:

  • Understand how local authorities are responding to local drivers for the delivery of SuDS.
  • Explore a variety of approaches to deliver SuDS and good water management.
  • Be able to discuss challenges and share experiences with others involved in SuDS delivery.
  • Understand factors that enable local authorities to support the delivery of SuDS.


Venue: Colmore Gate, De Vere venues, Birmingham

Time: 2pm – 4.45pm

The programme includes:

Chairman’s introduction
Alex Stephenson, Hydro International and susdrain Partner

Sustainable water management in Cardiff
Ian Titherington, Cardiff City Council

SuDS in Kent
Bronwyn Buntine, Kent County Council

SuDS in Essex
Kathryn Goodyear, Essex County Council

SuDS in Lambeth
Owen Davies, London Borough of Lambeth


For more information visit the susdrain website


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