Scottish Govt Launches £235m Flood Risk Management Plan

The Scottish Government has announced a £235m flood risk management plan to protect up to 10,000 properties from the risk of flooding.

The Flood Risk Management plan contains 14 local strategies and proposals for 42 flood protection schemes or engineering works planned for 2016-21 and a range of other flood alleviation measures. This will be supported by investment over the first cycle of £235 million on measures to protect homes, businesses and communities.

Environment Minister Aileen McLeod said the plans show the Scottish Government is committed to helping communities recover following recent flooding as a result of Storm Frank as well as to protecting communities against future risks.  The announcement follows £12 million investment already committed by the Scottish First Minister to be made available to help areas affected by severe weather across Scotland.

Dr McLeod said:
“Having met with many people who have seen their homes and livelihoods damaged due to flooding over recent weeks, I am all too aware of the devastation that flooding can cause.
“This shows exactly why Scotland’s first national flood plan is an important and necessary step forward. Our plan is designed to improve the way we tackle the risk of flooding across the country – protecting more homes, businesses, communities and livelihoods.
“For the first time, we have a nationwide plan, informed by local communities to tackle flooding. This will be at the heart of our efforts to prevent flooding and there is no doubt it will make a lasting contribution to flood risk management in Scotland.
“This plan has been achieved through partnership working and a shared commitment to prevent flooding and I would like to thank all those involved for their efforts in bringing these strategies together.”

Scottish Environmental Protection Agency Chief Executive, Terry A’Hearn said:
“Flooding has caused devastation and misery for many people across Scotland in recent weeks. In fact, December 2015 was the wettest on record with 50 of our gauging stations recording their highest ever levels.
“The Flood Risk Management Strategies have been developed to help reduce the damage which flooding can cause, and are more important than ever given the recent flooding. We have been working closely with local authorities to identify the most suitable actions to manage flood risk, and this is targeted towards areas where it will be most effective based on improved knowledge of the sources and impacts of flooding.

“The strategies coordinate the efforts of organisations that tackle flooding and concentrate this work to where the risk of flooding and the benefits of investment are greatest. Through this risk-based and plan-led approach the strategies aim to improve flood management for individuals, communities and businesses at risk in Scotland.”
Full details of the Flood Risk Management Strategy can be viewed on the SEPA website.


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