Remain water wise despite replenished water resources, says EA

The Environment Agency has urged the public to continue to use water wisely, despite significantly reduced risks of serious drought.

The wettest April on record and continuing rain in May has made widespread water restrictions more unlikely this summer, but the agency also warned that underground water levels are still low or exceptionally low in some areas, and some rivers are still at risk of drying up as ground water levels reduce over the summer with use.

In its latest Water Resources and Drought Prospects report, the Environment Agency found that river levels and reservoir stocks have significantly improved, easing the pressure on the environment and water supplies. Further water restrictions for the public, farmers and businesses are now increasingly unlikely, it said.

But with groundwater levels still low in some areas and unlikely to improve before winter, the Environment Agency and water companies are putting plans in place to protect water supplies next year if another dry winter further reduces these underground stocks.

Read the Environment Agency update.


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