Partnership funding arrangements boost 60 new flood defence schemes

The Government today gave the go-ahead for 60 flood and coastal risk schemes providing protection to more than 25,000 homes

Defra and the Environment Agency say the new partnership funding approach, which encourages funding from external sources such as councils and businesses has helped secure over £72 million of contributions to fund flood and coastal erosion schemes on top of the £2.17 billion Defra is investing in preventing flooding during this spending period to 2015.

Regional Flood and Coastal Committees have worked with local communities to attract flood defence funding from sources such as councils, businesses and private investors.

Schemes confirmed to begin construction this year include Warrington in Cheshire, protecting over 1900 households, Salmons Brook in North London, protecting over 1300 households, and Godmanchester in Cambridgeshire, protecting over 300 households.

According to the announcement, new estimates also confirm that Environment Agency is on track to exceed its target of better protecting 145,000 homes by 2015.

This Partnership Funding approach was introduced in May 2011 to encourage external contributions so that taxpayers’ money is spread across more schemes.

The full list of schemes going ahead in 2012/13 is published on the Environment Agency website at:



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