Micro Drainage Release WinDes® W.12.6 for SUDS, Floods, DAP and SUE

Microdrainage has released a major upgrade of its WinDes software with an extensive range of new features in response to developing legislative requirements.

Microdrainage says it is continually researching and tracking industry requirements to satisfy not only the needs for today, but also the needs of the future.  Consequently it has become increasingly evident that there is now a fundamental requirement to integrate hydraulics with hydrology.  This need has been validated with publication of the EU Floods Directive (2009) and the consequential local legislation.

To satisfy the latest legislative requirements WinDes W.12.6 now includes a range of drainage area planning capabilities to enable existing drainage systems to be imported, analysed and enhanced with SUDs solutions. This is invaluable when working on either the Amp Framework or SWMPs.

Super-Storms can be generated to analyse drainage systems and sub-catchments for worst case scenarios. The program can verify measured flows and gauged data with the computer model. SUE (Subsurface Utility Engineering) is a brand new feature that can import the location of underground utilities to detect potential crossings and conflicts.

A Greenfield Runoff Volume Calculator is now available in Source Control. Export Flood Hazard Ratings into an ESRI ASC file. The new STH Hydro-Brake® from Hydro International has been incorporated into WinDes. The Easi-Base Manhole from FPMcCann can now be automatically scheduled. MDCAD is compatible with AutoCAD® 2012.

‘Universal Futures & Features’ such as including the popular MAP button have been provided across all relevant modules. WinDes W.12.6, keeping you up to date and industry compliant. Contact Details For further information please visit the new website www.microdrainage.co.uk, call +44 (0)1635 582555 or email info@microdrainage.co.uk.

Micro Drainage Limited Jacob’s Well, West Street, Newbury, RG14 1BD Tel: +44 (0) 1635 582555 info@microdrainage.co.uk www.microdrainage.co.uk


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