Micro Drainage Delivers XPSTORM Version 2013

New Solutions respond to help protect people and protect the environment.

Micro Drainage an XP Solutions company, a world leading provider of software solutions aimed at improving the physical and social environment, is proud to announce the next advancement of industry standard stormwater, wastewater and flood modeling software, XPSTORM.  Released in the UK less than 12 months ago XPSTORM has shown why it is used so extensively in the US and Australia. Driven by user requests as well as industry demands, this latest iteration of one of the longest standing modeling programs includes important features that address pressing issues in our developing world.


“Emergency evacuation route planning is an essential element in public safety planning” says Michael Crenshaw, P.E., CFM, Stormwater and Flood Products Manager at XP Solutions.  “The new capabilities for emergency planning, along with enhanced river modeling tools, provide a means to evaluate emergency response procedures not readily available until now to emergency managers.”  Environment Agency approved XPSTORM provides brand new tools to assist emergency management personnel in identifying important emergency evacuation routes.  Assess time to inundation in flood situations and first cutoff time to user-defined depths on specific routes so that you can appropriate emergency personnel and assets.


Users can now import WinDes designs seamlessly into XPSTORM to bring in their existing drainage designs. Additionally users can also now import HEC-RAS models to facilitate comprehensive 1D/2D flood modeling.  Import cross sections, reach layout and model invert and ground elevations.  The new Bridge Link options allow you to efficiently model bridges — including pylons or different shaped culvert links.


New hydromodification flow duration results help you make the best management decisions to protect natural environments. Run continuous simulation models to compare scenarios for existing watersheds, their natural conditions and planned mitigation techniques.


Micro Drainage now provides the latest EPA SWMM5 engine including many proprietary enhancements as a modeling option within the easy XPert interface of XPSTORM.


In addition to the 136 major and minor changes to the program XPSTORM has become faster, easier and more powerful.

  • The all new XMDF results format allows for faster loading and faster writing of 2D results.
  • 2D model analysis now requires reduced memory usage.
  • 2013 is compatible with Windows 8.

More information and a recorded webinar is available on the XP Solutions website here:


Micro Drainage an XP Solutions company is a world leading provider of software solutions aimed at improving the physical and social environment. Our reliable software technology and professional solutions are used every day around the world by engineering organizations, environmental management organizations, and governmental agencies to plan, design, simulate and manage the impact of human interaction with the natural world.

Email:  sales@microdrainage.co.uk

United Kingdom: +44 0 1635 582555


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