ICE Flooding & Water Management 2016

Date of event: 30 June 2016 London

The UK has once more been hit by widespread flooding, austerity cuts and increasingly frequent extreme weather means limited funds and resources have to do a lot more. People responsible for making flood management decisions have to prioritise and make sustainable, informed choices.

One third of the UK population live in South East England, which is the driest area in the UK. Supply and demand of water is a crucial challenge for engineers to manage and overcome.

ICE’s Flooding and Water Management Conference in June will attract senior decision makers from across the supply chain to address how the UK needs to respond to deal with these issues.

Creating a joined up approach to water management and flooding resilience will allow for long term stability and smart use of resources.

Following 2015’s Flooding Conference, past ICE President Professor David Balmforth stated that “at ICE we believe fundamental change is needed in how we view flood management, and our concerns are shared by many others. I hope government heeds our advice”.

Why attend

Delegates will:

  • Gain understanding of best practice
  • Learn what works from the supply chain
  • Understand the role of engineers working with the Government
  • Take away a broader picture of managing water in the UK
  • Prepare to build resilience into communities in the short and long term


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