Government Commits to Review SuDS Delivery in England

As deliberations over the Housing and Planning Bill near their final stages, the Government has committed to conducting a statutory review of the effectiveness of the SuDS planning policy introduced in England in April 2015.  However, the timing of the review has yet to be confirmed.

As part of the ‘ping-pong’ progression of the bill through parliament, an amendment proposed in the House of Lords that would have ended the automatic right of developers to connect to the public sewer and encouraged SuDS to be built on every new development was dropped.  The proposal had received widespread support from water professional and environmental groups, but was rejected by the Government as “unnecessary and impractical”.

Instead a commitment to a statutory review of SuDS is set to be included in the legislation:

“The Secretary of State must carry out a review of planning legislation, government planning policy and local planning policies concerning sustainable drainage in relation to the development of land in England.”

Speaking in the debate in the House of Lords on 10 May,  Planning Minister Baroness Williams of Trafford said:  “I emphasise that we are committed to ensuring that developments are safe from flooding and that the delivery of SuDS… forms part of our policy approach.”

She added that the review would be “thorough, robust and look at evidence on the ground.”



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