Essential New E-Guide to Surface Water Treatment

Written by: , 14 May 2014

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A comprehensive and easy-to-follow expert guide to surface water treatment as part of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is now available to download from stormwater engineering and technology leaders Hydro International.

The HX Guide to Surface Water Treatment, explores the choices of surface water treatment techniques available to specifiers, local authorities and developers as part of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) to meet increasing demands for improved water quality through both current and forthcoming legislation.

The use of Sustainable Drainage Systems to improve water quality will be essential if the UK is to meet EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) targets to achieve ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ status for its water courses by 2015.

Whilst regulatory policy has focused on new developments, SuDS schemes will also need to be retrofitted into the existing drainage network if the potential to enhance urban environments is to be truly exploited in future.

The e-guide explains how delivering effective SuDS solutions to meet site requirements will often require multiple stages of techniques used in sequence to achieve a so-called ‘treatment train’. It offers guidance on the best-choice techniques using SuDS and provides information on a toolbox of available options to control both the quality and quantity of surface water, as well as delivering landscaping and amenity requirements.

“Managing urban surface water runoff has long been an important strategy to reduce the risk of flooding. Historically, the focus has been on controlling the volume and flow of water. However, new legislation and growing public concern about the health and ecology of our water bodies, has driven new measures to ensure damaging pollutants are removed from runoff before they are discharged into our rivers and streams,” says Alex Stephenson, Director of Hydro International’s UK Stormwater Division.

“The e-guide provides detailed and objective advice on designing best practice surface water treatment solutions using a comprehensive toolbox of techniques.”

The e-guide is produced by Hydro under the banner of the HX knowledge brand.  HX is a new idea that represents the very essence of Hydro. HX stands for Hydro Experience. It’s inspired by Hydro’s passion for engineering innovation and a drive to push the boundaries of water management technologies through research, product development and industry leadership.

Download a copy of the HX Guide to Surface Water Treatment .


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