DEFRA Consults on Urban Diffuse Pollution Strategy

Defra is seeking views to help develop a strategy for the management of urban diffuse water pollution in England. The consultation will run until 8 February 2013 and consultation responses are being invited on the Defra website.

According to Defra, currently, 27% of water bodies in England meet the standards necessary to support viable ecosystems. Many water body failures are due to urban and other non-agricultural diffuse pollution.

The Defra announcement states that “positive action is necessary to improve knowledge, encourage cooperation, perhaps refine regulations and plan investment. We believe cleaning-up our polluted urban rivers will deliver significant benefits by making our towns and cities more attractive, healthy places for people and wildlife and will contribute towards the Government’s growth and localism agenda.”

Defra invite views on this document from all interested parties.  The consultation can be accessed here


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