CIWEM Annual Conference – 6/7 April 2011

In April 2011, CIWEM held a two-day Annual Conference that addressed multidisciplinary issues across all areas of the global water and environment sector and also focused on the issue of the “Big Society” the governments programme and the implications for the environment sector.

The aim of the conference was to challenge and inspire the water and environmental community by sharing knowledge and best practice, which is at the heart of meeting key global challenges. There was a mix of keynote speakers, offered papers, exhibitions and networking opportunities that made this the key event for water and environment professionals.

Papers in the programme covered

  • The issues, challenges and opportunities arising from the Big Society
  • The “business” response to these challenges
  • Austerity and Third sector opportunities
  • Delivering sustainability and environment in this context
  • The changing agenda under coalition policies and governance – climate change – infrastructure
  • Mechanisms and case studies – innovation – doing more with less
  • Integrated solutions: catchment scales across the water and environment sector
  • What are the implications for flood risk management, water resources and water quality, and ecosystems?
  • Partnership working and partnership funding – delivering more for less and understanding the costs
  • Local authorities’ lead role in flood risk management and shared responsibility for flood risk

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