CIRIA Launches Retrofit SuDs Guidance

CIRIA is launching its much-anticipated guidance on Retrofitting to Manage Surface Water at a series of events across the UK this week.

According to CIRIA, this important guidance document “promotes a different approach to managing surface water run-off to sustain communities that are pleasant and vibrant places to live in. This guidance sets out a process to achieve this. It challenges many of the current conventions employed to manage surface water run-off. To do this it integrates the principles of urban design with surface water management.

“As well as dealing with the engineering aspects, the guidance covers the organisational and statutory aspects of drainage, the need for adequate funding, appraisal approaches, how different agencies can work better together, how public expectations can be better managed and why incentives and disincentives are important.”

Sell-out events in Bristol, London and Leeds are being held to launch the new Guidance document which is available to order orĀ download from the CIRIA website.


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