A Missed Opportunity – CIWEM Responds to OFWAT review

CIWEM has expressed its disappointment at the conclusions of the OFWAT review, calling it a missed opportunity for change.

After completing its own in-depth review and vision Regulation for a Sustainable Water Industry last year, CIWEM was disappointed to learn that the Review, led by David Gray, concluded that major changes to the statutory and institutional framework are not required.

CIWEM believes a wide-reaching review of the governance of the water industry is needed to ensure that our use of water is sustainable in the long term and respects environmental limits. Whilst acknowledging the successes achieved in the delivery of water and sewerage services in the last two decades CIWEM had called for the structure, regulation and management of the water sector to be considered afresh if the challenges of the future, from population growth, climate change and environmental management are to be met.

CIWEM is concerned that currently there are incentives for the Water Industry that actively reward behaviour and outcomes that are inconsistent with a sustainable water sector,  in particular, encouraging capital based rather than operational based solutions. This tends to promote ’end-of-pipe’ solutions rather than fundamental design solutions that would promote long term sustainability.

CIWEM’s Executive Director, Nick Reeves OBE, says:

“We hope that the review of Ofwat and its findings – for no need for a major change – will not come at the expense of a full and thorough Water White Paper debate.”

First news analysis:

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