‘How to Prevent Flooding’, Landscape Institute: Let’s Get Nibbling!

Let's Get Nibbling Image

We all know there are flooding problems which affect many people, but few realise the scale of the problem, why it’s getting worse, and that they too have the potential to help solve it, both in their personal and professional capacity. This film seeks to explain the issues in a light-hearted way, and show how […]

Wigan’s Hydro-Brake® Flood Defences in Action

Wigan Flood Storage Area in Use

Heavy June rain put the Environment Agency’s £12million Flood Alleviation Scheme in Wigan on the River Douglas through its first major test as torrential downpours spectacularly filled its radical new flood storage area. At the centre of the dam, just a mile from the town centre, two giant Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls successfully held back flood […]

Stormwater Management – What About Quality? Conference

Exploring international experiences, retrofitting and water-sensitive cities.

Glasgow Flood Prevention Scheme

The world’s largest ever Hydro-Brake® Flow Control devices have been installed as part of Glasgow City Council’s £53 million White Cart Water Flood Prevention scheme.

Engineering Nature’s Way

An introduction to the Engineering Nature’s Way philosophy.

Tomorrows World

This flashback to 1983 shows a successful SUDs retrofitting scheme which is still relevant today.