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Swales are shallow, linear channels with gently sloping slides and a wide flat bottom, that provide a means of collecting and conveying surface water as part of a SUDS treatment train. They are usually planted with grasses, reeds or other suitable vegetation to slow down the flow of water and help to trap particulate pollutants.

Hydrodynamic Vortex Separation

Water quality control is an inherent part of surface water and stormwater management, and Downstream Defender® is ideal for preventing pollutants from reaching watercourses.

Fluidised Bed Upflow Filtration

Specific man-made industrial, commercial, transportation and other locations may carry high pollutant loadings which make it difficult for quality control by natural or engineered stormwater SUDS schemes alone.

Biofiltration System

Photo of a Hydro BioCell

Often the most sustainable and practical drainage techniques are those which engineer in nature’s way – combining the best of natural processes with simple and elegant technological solutions.