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Uncertainty About Maintenance is Presenting Barriers to SuDS Adoption, Survey Finds

Written by: editor, 20 Dec 2016

SuDS on a housing estate

Lack of a clear framework for the maintenance and performance of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is seen by professionals as a key barrier to effective delivery and adoption, a national survey has found. The results of the research, conducted by Engineering Nature’s Way, the knowledge-sharing initiative for SuDS, also revealed that most (79%) of respondents […]

“State of the Nation” Survey Tests ‘Grass Roots’ Confidence in Future SuDS Delivery

Written by: editor, 24 Mar 2016

Berewood SuDS during construction with show homes in the background

Engineering Nature’s Way, the knowledge-sharing initiative for Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS), is launching a national survey of professionals working with SuDS at the ‘grass roots’ to assess confidence levels in progress being made towards best practice implementation across the UK. Important new regulations and technical guidance has been published during the past 12 months for […]

Flood Defence Funds Brought Forward

Written by: editor, 19 Mar 2015

The government has announced that it is bringing forward more than £140 million of the £2.3 billion of flood defence spending programme it announced in December to better protect more than 31,000 homes and businesses sooner than planned. The early spending was announced as part of the chancellors Budget 2015, although not included in his speech. So far 47 brand […]

SuDS Consultation Round-Up

Written by: editor, 17 Dec 2014

SuDS on a housing estate

The strength of response to the Government’s consultation on Delivering Sustainable Drainage Systems has given politicians and policymakers much to consider before finalising the introduction of a new system in Spring 2015.

“Supersized” Hydro-Brake® Technology Holds Back Floods Upstream

Written by: editor, 1 Dec 2014

Installation of one of the Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls at Wigan

Thousands of homes and properties in the UK could be protected from river flooding by a ‘supersized’ engineering solution which uses the proven principles of vortex flow control technology to deliver carefully-engineered flood protection, while creating biodiverse landscaping and wetlands.

Holding back excess flood water with Hydro-Brake® Flood Alleviation vortex flow control technology is an innovative and sustainable solution to protecting vulnerable areas, using a passive system that requires no power and minimum maintenance.

Hydro International Partners susdrain.org

Written by: editor, 10 Sep 2014

susdrain partner logo

Hydro International has joined an impressive cross-sector group of organisations dedicated to supporting the www.susdrain.org initiative, further demonstrating growing industry support for widespread delivery of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS).

Essential New E-Guide to Surface Water Treatment

Written by: editor, 14 May 2014

Treatment E-guide over image

A comprehensive and easy-to-follow expert guide to surface water treatment as part of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is now available to download from stormwater engineering and technology leaders Hydro International.

New Software Tools Will Help Engineers Fine-tune Surface Water Flood Prevention

Written by: editor, 3 Mar 2014

Hydro-Brake Optimum Design Tool Image

Engineering the best possible flood prevention control of surface water drainage systems is now quicker and easier for the majority of UK designers with the launch of important new software tools for the Hydro-Brake Optimum® vortex flow control.

Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls Come in ‘Extra Large’ to Hold Back Floods

Written by: editor, 14 Feb 2014

Two of the three Hydro-Brake® Flood Alleviation flow controls installed at Kirkland Bridge as part of the White Cart Water Flood Prevention Scheme.

Thousands of homes and properties in the UK are being protected from river flooding by an innovative upstream storage solution using giant-sized Hydro-Brake® Flow Control vortex technology. The Hydro-Brake® Flood Alleviation flow control is an innovative technology developed by Somerset company Hydro International.  It holds back river floods away from homes and businesses using a […]

Scottish SUDS Success is Clouded by Adoption and Maintenance Inertia, Survey Reveals

Written by: editor, 11 Nov 2013

Practitioners involved in the design and delivery of sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) in Scotland believe they have achieved success aided by powerful legislative drivers.  However, many believe reluctance to adopt and maintain SUDS features is hindering further progress, a new survey suggests. SUDS in Scotland – Experience and Opportunity was conducted for the Engineering Nature’s […]

Hydro Launches First Defense® for Economical Surface Water Treatment

Written by: editor, 18 Sep 2013

Hydro International’s innovative First Defense® vortex separator is now available for the first time in the UK, in response to the growing need for economical surface water treatment on new developments, car parks and highways. Already well-established and proven in the US, First Defense® uses a gentle vortex action toremove coarse particles, litter and oil […]

New 2013 SAB and SuDS Approval Training Programme

Written by: editor, 27 Aug 2013

Arup, Hydro International and Micro Drainage are collaborating again this year to organise another series of training for SABs and organisations submitting SuDS schemes for approval

Unique ‘Treatment Train’ Tool for Surface Water Quality

Written by: editor, 9 Aug 2013

Image of Treatment Selection Tool Opening Screen

A unique new industry tool has been launched to help users explore the options for designing and building a surface water ‘Treatment Train’ as part of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) in anticipation of growing water quality regulations. The free-to-use Treatment Selection Tool, available at www.hydro-int.com/stormtrain/tool , has been developed by Hydro International in response to […]

New Hydro StormTrain Series – a SuDS-Compliant Toolbox for Surface Water Treatment

Written by: editor, 30 Apr 2013

Hydro International has launched The Hydro StormTrainTM Series, a comprehensive toolbox of surface water treatment devices in anticipation of the growing need to remove silts, sediments and other pollutants from stormwater runoff. Through The Hydro StormTrainTM Series, Hydro is providing an unrivalled range of performance-verified and internationally-recognised technologies for surface water treatment to meet current […]

Local Authorities Question Government’s Long-term Commitment to Sustainable Drainage

Written by: editor, 6 Feb 2013

Local authorities preparing for new roles to oversee the compulsory use of Sustainable Drainage Schemes (SuDS) in England and Wales doubt the Government’s long-term commitment to their implementation, a new survey suggests. SuDS:  The State of the Nation was commissioned for the Engineering Nature’s Way knowledge-sharing SuDS website by sustainable drainage specialists Hydro International.  Of […]

Raising a Toast to SuDS on a Steep Scottish Mountain Highway

Written by: editor, 24 Oct 2012

Highway degradation and surface water pollution in an environmentally sensitive area of the Scottish Cairngorms Mountains famous for its whisky production have been tackled with an imaginative SuDS Solution from Hydro International which has averted potential road safety problems on the A95. Poor drainage, flooding and freezing weather had led to a landslip and extreme […]

Torrential Rain Tests Wigan’s Hydro-Brake® Flood Defences

Written by: editor, 29 Jun 2012

Controlled outflow from the dam structure

Heavy June rain put the Environment Agency’s £12million Flood Alleviation Scheme on the River Douglas through its first major test as torrential downpours spectacularly filled its radical new flood storage area. At the centre of the dam, just a mile from the town centre, two giant Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls successfully held back flood waters in […]

Hydro-Brake Optimum Sets New Standard for Vortex Flow Controls

Written by: editor, 3 Apr 2012

Hydro International is launching the Hydro-Brake OptimumTM, a new vortex flow control that represents a major advance in vortex technology.  Hydro-Brake OptimumTM promises to set new standards in design versatility and hydraulic performance in drainage and sewerage systems. The Hydro-Brake OptimumTM dispenses with the need to choose from a range of sizes and types and […]

Hydro Secures UK Industry Experts for New Consultancy Venture

Written by: editor, 27 Jan 2012

Hydro Consultancy Logo

Hydro International is launching a new engineering consultancy for flood risk assessment and stormwater management in the UK in response to the growing need for expert technical support in both the public and private sectors as they respond to water and planning reforms. Hydro Consultancy is led by respected industry experts David Schofield and Alan […]

SuDS Solution for £Multi Million A46 Upgrade

Written by: editor, 14 Dec 2011

The Highways Agency’s £375 million upgrade to create 28 kilometres of new dual carriageway on the A46 in Nottinghamshire is using a Sustainable Drainage solution combining natural and engineered techniques to achieve pre-development surface water runoff in a sensitive location. Doubling the surface area of the metalled Newark to Widmerpool trunk road would have created […]


Written by: editor, 6 Sep 2011

The Hydro Stormbloc® modular underground storage and infiltration system has been awarded prestigious British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification following a rigorous independent testing and validation programme. The endorsement confirms that cellular design of Stormbloc® meets high product performance specifications and quality manufacturing standards, backed by physical testing witnessed by the BBA and auditing of […]

Bioretention System Engineers in Nature’s Way

Written by: editor, 8 May 2011

An innovative new sustainable drainage system, Hydro Filterra™, has been launched by Hydro International to introduce the pioneering principles of bioretention and biofiltration to the UK’s highways and car parks in an attractive, compact and predictable technology. Hydro Filterra™ is a SUDS-compliant drainage unit which harnesses natural biological and chemical processes to combine stormwater control […]

Hydro launches next generation Downstream Defender®

Written by: editor, 30 Mar 2011

HYDRO International has launched the next generation of its innovative Downstream Defender® advanced hydrodynamic separator in anticipation of tougher UK legislative requirements for treatment of suspended solids and pollutants in surface water runoff.

World’s largest Hydro-Brake® Stems Glasgow’s Floods

Written by: editor, 29 Mar 2011

THE WORLD’S largest ever Hydro-Brake® Flow Control devices have been installed as part of Glasgow City Council’s £53 million White Cart Water Flood Prevention scheme. The scheme is designed to protect 1,750 properties in the South of the city from the risk of flooding.

Flood spending cuts should send engineers ‘up-stream’

Written by: editor, 28 Mar 2011

Bradford Upon Avon Flood

HIGH-PRIORITY flood defence projects in England and Wales – in jeopardy following tough spending cuts – need a fresh injection of innovative, lower-cost engineering to avoid future flooding disasters, drainage experts are warning.