Water Sensitive Urban Design

SuDS, WSUD and Blue/Green Infrastructure – What’s the difference?

14 Jun 2013

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

Across the globe approaches to sustainable water management are getting more sophisticated as we recognise just how closely intertwined our urban lives are with the water cycle. Historically, we separated out the way we think about water:  waste water; drinking water; stormwater; rivers and coastal waters – we have compartmentalised, industrialised and managed each separately. […]

The only way is ethics: It’s time for civil engineers to say what they really think….

2 Aug 2012

Written By: Prof.Richard Ashley EcoFutures Ltd, Universities of Sheffield, Bradford, UNESCO IHE and Luleå

With the call by Prince Charles to revisit the definition of civil engineering, it is now timely for professional civil engineers to not be afraid to say what they really think to government, clients and employers. The Profession firstly serves mankind and everything we do needs to take a global perspective. However, personal fears may […]

When will we have a truly sustainable drainage infrastructure?

14 Mar 2012

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

As Defra’s consultation on National Standards for SuDS came to a close, I was prompted to ask the question: how long will it be before they have a measurable impact on our surface water management infrastructure in the UK? The answer is, surely not for many years.   Set to become law in Autumn 2012 at […]

Is Transferring Software Around the World the Key to Advancing WSUD?

21 Feb 2012

Written By: Prof. Mark Fletcher Director / UKMEA Water Leader - Arup

Urban Design, Manchester. Courtesy of Illman Young

Is transferring software around the world the key to advancing Water Sensitive Urban Design ? (WSUD) or should we understand the context of the place in which we want to develop WSUD first? It is very easy to get carried away with the bells and whistles of software but what really works is when we […]

Super-Sewer Debate: A Step Too Far for SuDS?

25 Jan 2012

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

Aerial Photo of the River Thames

The extent and passion of the debate over the proposed £4.1 billion Thames Tunnel “super sewer” has highlighted the mountain still to climb in reaching a vision for integrated urban water management in the UK which can be shared and owned by all stakeholders including planners, designers, the water companies and the general public. Thames […]

Water Sensitive Urban Design – too good an opportunity to miss?

15 Sep 2011

Written By: Paul Shaffer Associate, CIRIA

The challenges of delivering effective, efficient and reliable water and wastewater services are well understood. That said, it is often far more rewarding to exploit opportunities than spend time overcoming challenges to maintain the status quo. For too long in the UK water has been seen as a problem, best left out of sight and […]