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Planning Officers Struggling to Make Sense of SuDS Guidance Muddle

24 Jul 2015

Written By: Sue Illman Managing Director, Illman Young

Image courtesy of Illman Young

Now that the dust has settled over the elections, its time to think about where we are going with SuDS, and it will be interesting to see what changes, if any, will be made now that the heavy influence of Eric Pickles has been removed. We ended the last government with the ridiculous situation that […]

London, the Supersewer and SuDS – The Great Debate

10 Sep 2014

Written By: Phil Collins European Sales Director, Hydro International

Aerial Photo of the River Thames

London’s ‘ Supersewer ’ has provoked much controversy and – whether you are in the Tideway Tunnel ‘yes’ or ‘no’ camp – a compelling debate about the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems in even the most challenging urban settings. A thought-provoking new paper by Prof Richard Ashley – a regular contributor to Engineering Nature’s Way […]

SuDS are Good News for London – says Boris

19 Aug 2014

Written By: Phil Collins European Sales Director, Hydro International


Surface water drainage and flood risk management have been flagged as key challenges for the UK’s capital city in the Mayor’s London Infrastructure Plan 2050. The drainage network is already over capacity and rainfall of just 2mm already causes combined sewer overflows into the River Thames. Population growth and climate change are only going to […]

Climate Change Won’t Wait for Widespread SuDS

29 Jul 2014

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.


The Government’s advisory committee on climate change has issued a strong warning that we must do more to improve our flood resilience as changing weather patterns result in rising sea levels, increased flooding and greater swings between storms and droughts. Of all the consequences of changing weather, increased flood risk poses the greatest threat, according […]

Retrofit Vision Must Drive Industry Thinking

29 Jun 2012

Written By: Phil Collins European Sales Director, Hydro International

Retrofit SuDS guidance for web

At the launch of CIRIA’s seminal guidance on Retrofitting for Surface Water Management, I was struck most by what a visionary piece of work this is. Every speaker seemed infected by the same passion for change, just as much as that passion is evident between almost every line of this ground-breaking 272-page document. There’s no […]

Let’s Get Nibbling!

25 Apr 2012

Written By: Sue Illman Managing Director, Illman Young

C713 cover

The new SuDS Retrofitting guidance by CIRIA was launched this last Monday (23 April), after a very long gestation period, and I was really pleased to finally have it available, and to have been part of one of the launch events. A few things sprang to mind as a consequence of the session, with the […]