Engineering Nature’s Way – an exciting new initiative

May 11, 2011

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

There has arguably never been a more interesting time to be involved in surface water drainage in the UK. That’s why we believe Engineering Nature’s Way is a timely and challenging initiative…
By Alex Stephenson, Director of Hydro International’s Stormwater Division and Chair of British Water SUDS Group.

Maintenance Implications for Design of SUDS

May 11, 2011

Written By: Beryl Kemplen Engineering Manager, Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Most SUDS systems will be expected to last a good many years. SUDS are intended to reduce flood risk, and to do that they need to operate effectively, and to do that continually they need to be maintained…..

Towards an Urban Blue/Green Network

May 10, 2011

Written By: Prof.Richard Ashley EcoFutures Ltd, Universities of Sheffield, Bradford, UNESCO IHE and Luleå

Richard Ashley presents a joint post with Tony Wong, Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, Monash University, Melbourne.

In the beginning, there was filth…

May 9, 2011

Written By: Brian D’Arcy Independent environmental consultant

Brian D’Arcy begins a series of Water Reflections – blogs on the subject of water quality – with a look back to the 1970s and how old pollution problems may have been solved, then asks – what is standing in the way of tackling the remaining problems surrounding surface water management?

We’ve been retrofitting for years !

May 8, 2011

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

Few people would argue these days against the benefits of incorporating sustainable drainage techniques into new developments. But what about tackling our existing flooding and water quality problems ? The EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) requires us to tackle a whole range of pollutants entering our water bodies and everyone is more than aware of the many flooding issues we have encountered in recent years, from both rivers as well as sewers.

A call for Integrated Water Management

May 8, 2011

Written By: Alastair Moseley Honorary Vice President, CIWEM

In my view the management of surface water in our urban and peri-urban environments is inextricably linked with water resources and the provision of water supplies to urban conurbations. It seems obvious to me that in this era of new technologies, creative architecture and integrated urban planning (not to mention the Flood and Water Management Act and forthcoming Water White Paper), that we should be building-in surface water capture and harvesting infrastructure both into new development and as part of reconstruction / refurbishment of existing development to offset local water demand.

Bioretention – Learning from the US Experience

February 11, 2011

Written By: editor

Have you ever noticed a wasted opportunity in the islands, trees and plants at the side of our roads and car parks…..?
By Bob Andoh, Chief Technology Officer, Hydro International

Flood protection under real threat from funding crisis

February 9, 2011

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

Bradford Upon Avon Flood

HIGH-PRIORITY flood defence projects in England and Wales – in jeopardy following tough spending cuts – need a fresh injection of innovative, sustainable and lower-cost engineering to avoid future flooding disasters.