Water Quality

In the effort to be green, UK Government has unwittingly unleashed a new, invisible pollution problem

28 Jul 2015

Written By: Marketecture User

The push towards biofuels from the UK Government and the wider EU has presented petrol station forecourt owners with an unexpected pollution problem. With rising global pressure to increase our use of sustainable fuels, there is a growing reliance on biofuels to help power our vehicles. EU legislation means that the mandated percentage of ethanol […]

London, the Supersewer and SuDS – The Great Debate

10 Sep 2014

Written By: Phil Collins European Sales Director, Hydro International

Aerial Photo of the River Thames

London’s ‘ Supersewer ’ has provoked much controversy and – whether you are in the Tideway Tunnel ‘yes’ or ‘no’ camp – a compelling debate about the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems in even the most challenging urban settings. A thought-provoking new paper by Prof Richard Ashley – a regular contributor to Engineering Nature’s Way […]

Let’s Talk Treatment ….

30 Apr 2013

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

SURFACE water treatment can no longer be the ‘poorer’ relation of the SuDS triangle of quality, quantity and amenity.  True, there are those who believe it would be easier if we could just get on with tackling surface water flooding with SuDS, at least in the short term. But the fact is improving water quality […]

The only way is ethics: It’s time for civil engineers to say what they really think….

2 Aug 2012

Written By: Prof.Richard Ashley EcoFutures Ltd, Universities of Sheffield, Bradford, UNESCO IHE and Luleå

With the call by Prince Charles to revisit the definition of civil engineering, it is now timely for professional civil engineers to not be afraid to say what they really think to government, clients and employers. The Profession firstly serves mankind and everything we do needs to take a global perspective. However, personal fears may […]

Regulating urban diffuse pollution

20 Jun 2012

Written By: Brian D’Arcy Independent environmental consultant

“The problem is, we aren’t able to regulate diffuse sources” is occasionally heard from speakers at conferences or in discussions with water industry colleagues.  Whilst that may be true, it is not the same as stating that diffuse sources cannot be regulated. But the belief is a problem.  Nearly forty years ago, The Control of […]

Super-Sewer Debate: A Step Too Far for SuDS?

25 Jan 2012

Written By: Alex Stephenson Market Development Director, Hydro International.

Aerial Photo of the River Thames

The extent and passion of the debate over the proposed £4.1 billion Thames Tunnel “super sewer” has highlighted the mountain still to climb in reaching a vision for integrated urban water management in the UK which can be shared and owned by all stakeholders including planners, designers, the water companies and the general public. Thames […]

In the beginning, there was filth…

9 May 2011

Written By: Brian D’Arcy Independent environmental consultant

Brian D’Arcy begins a series of Water Reflections – blogs on the subject of water quality – with a look back to the 1970s and how old pollution problems may have been solved, then asks – what is standing in the way of tackling the remaining problems surrounding surface water management?