Maintenance and Inspection Critical for Cornwall Highway Soakaways

Managing highway surface water runoff as part of a much-needed development of affordable housing in rural Cornwall, UK has been assured with a Stormbloc® geocellular soakaway system from Hydro International. Maintenance and regular inspection were key considerations in a Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) that required two soakaways to be built to manage surface water from […]

Park and Ride to SUDS

The Thickthorn Park and Ride, Norwich, at the interchange of the A11 and A47 Trunk routes was the culmination of several years’ infrastructure improvements by Norfolk County Council to the City’s points of entry by road. Stormbloc® infiltration modules from Hydro International were chosen to ensure that stormwater runoff from the car park complied with Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) principles, as well as withstanding loading from the varying depths of backfill and traffic levels.

Devon Schools are SUDS Friendly

New schools in Exeter are able to teach a lesson or two about sustainable drainage after engineered infiltration systems were installed in order to comply with SUDS guidelines.

On the Road to Minimise Flood Risk

A major new sustainable road drainage scheme is providing stormwater control and reducing flooding risk following the £9.5 million improvement of the A340 Aldermaston Road in Basingstoke.