Stormwater Control and Treatment Protects Watercourse

The Hop Oast Park & Ride facility, designed in line with Horsham District Council’s policy of providing sustainable infrastructure and services, is used to reduce long stay parking in the town centre.

Adding further to its green credentials, the council installed a porous pavement with a Hydro Stormwater Package System to ensure controlled, unpolluted surface water discharge to the local watercourse.

The Hop Oast Park & Ride has space for 479 cars, and is paved with a combination of standard asphalt pavement for the car and bus access ways, and 10 mm gravel in the car bays.  The car bays are designed with a slight gradient that drains inward to filter drains set down the centre line between the car bays.

The filter drains feed surface water into a Hydro Stormcell® modular stormwater storage system which retains the excess water and allows it to be discharged under control via a 1200 mm Downstream Defender® and a 111 mm Hydro-Brake® Flow Control device, into a local watercourse.

The unique features of Hydro’s Stormcell® include its patented silt protection pipework and geotextile layers. These ensure any silt within the system is carried through to the Downstream Defender® where, due to its unique vortex action, sediment settles out in the easy access sump and hydrocarbon pollutants are separated into a collection zone; both can be easily removed periodically.

These design features, combined with the power-free, no moving part operation, ensure minimal maintenance requirements for the system and its low life cycle and installation costs deliver a total installed cost less than conventional storage techniques, as recommended for SUDS projects.

In addition, because of the load bearing capacity of Stormcell® (up to 40 tonnes/m2), the storage system can be sited directly under the car park without additional civil or structural support, greatly reducing land grab.

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