SUDS ‘Made Homes Feasible’

A forward-looking sustainable drainage solution has helped make the development of 400 much-needed homes on the South Coast economically viable by using infiltration basins and a wetland pond with Hydro’s Stormbloc® to manage stormwater runoff.

The development at Eden Park near Littlehampton, provides a national example of how a vision of sustainable drainage can solve the creation of addition impermeable surfaces when freeing up land for development.

As there were no public surface water sewers or watercourses in the vicinity of the site, a conventional solution to meet Environment Agency requirements would have involved costly works including a surface water pumping station and substantial storm sewer installations off-site.  The alternative solution of using Stormbloc® infiltration technology has delivered a much lower cost solution for developers Bryant Homes Southern Counties, George Wimpey South West Thames and David Wilson Homes.

The installation is the outcome of a surface water disposal strategy and was developed for the site to meet Arun District Council’s preference for a solution based on SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) principles with maximum infiltration.

Dean Frosoni of Consultants Cole Easdon said: “After investigating the soil and groundwater presence, we recommended providing three underground infiltration basins and a fourth incorporating open water with reeds to provide a total 3000 cu. m storage volume.  This would be sufficient to cope with a total impermeable catchment area of access roads, roof, driveway and pavement covering an area of some 4.5 hectares.

“We recommended Hydro’s Stormbloc® infiltration for its performance, value and lifetime costs after comparing four different systems.  Stormbloc® is a modular system which provides 95% void ratio with load bearing characteristics sufficient to permit pedestrian and vehicle loading above it.  Stormbloc®’s accessibility channels and chambers for CCTV inspection and water jetting offered low maintenance over it’s 50-year design life.

“The solution has many cost benefits.  By having four smaller basins we were able to maximise the available land for the developer and eliminate excessive invert depths required for long pipe runs.  Basin excavations could be kept shallow with cost and Health and Safety benefits as well as ease of access for future maintenance.”

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Photograph courtesy of Cole Easdon Consultants