Steep Sustainability for Welsh Park

Sustainable commercial development has received a boost in North Wales with the installation of Hydro International’s Stormcell® and Hydro-Brake® Flow Control stormwater control systems on one of the biggest business development projects for many years.

Parc Bryn Cegin is a major new business park on the outskirts of Bangor, Gwynedd targeted to bring more than 1,600 jobs to North Wales.  The steeply sloping 36 hectare site is on a bluff above the Afon (river) Cegin between the A5 and A55, with a fall of over 45 metres, so the development was arranged on a series of 9 plateaux connected by an access spine road.

As Nicola Wilkes, Senior Project Engineer for Consulting Engineers Jacobs points out: “The steep slope, underlying rock formations together with the new development mean that stormwater runoff in this high rainfall area could potentially be a problem by increasing the runoff into the river.  The Stormcell® and Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls mitigate the effect of this increase and fulfil the SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) principles for this project.

“The Environment Agency limited the discharge rate to 5 litres per second per hectare into the river.  We designed a 1750 m3 stormwater control system based on three Stormcell® storage tanks at points down the slope, attenuated with Hydro-Brake® Flow Controls in the storm drainage which runs along the central roadway.  In this way, the site can be treated as three separate but interlinked catchment areas.

“The Stormcell® modular block storage tanks were chosen as it is one of the systems Dwr Cymru Welsh Water will adopt.  The load bearing modules enable tanks to be constructed in a variety of shapes to suit the topography without extensive civil works, a distinct advantage where the soil cover over the rock base is thin and slopes are steep; a low maintenance feature is the patented perforated pipe design for integral silt protection to the storage, minimising any maintenance requirements.”

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