Devon Schools are SUDS Friendly

New schools in Exeter are able to teach a lesson or two about sustainable drainage after engineered infiltration systems were installed in order to comply with SUDS guidelines.

Hydro International’s Stormbloc® modular blocks were selected at two new schools to facilitate water infiltration of the soil, because of their compactness and because they could be inspected and easily cleaned out if required.

Maximum stormwater discharge consents were demanded as part of the planning consent to meet SUDS guidelines in the PFI venture between Mowlem plc and the Devonshire County Council Local Education Authority.

Due to the permeability of the local sub-soil, an infiltration method was used for all the water runoff from the developments at Bradley Rowe Primary School and St Luke’s Secondary School. Using Stormbloc® resulted in a much shallower excavation than conventional soakaways and its patented tunnel also allowed for future inspection and cleaning

Bradley Rowe primary school (c. 400 pupils) – close to the centre of Exeter – was constructed as a total replacement of an existing school, including the provision of new sports facilities over demolished buildings.  Its Stormbloc® installation comprises 560 m3 of blocks in two soakaways, at low points in the site, taking runoff from roofs, access roads, playgrounds and car parks.

On the eastern edge of Exeter, St Luke’s secondary school (c. 850 pupils) included fully comprehensive school buildings, sports facilities and sports grounds.  With a large potential catchment area and runoff volume, it has 1740 m3 of Stormbloc® modules in five different locations to spread the infiltration across different portions of the site.

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